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Blackwood Associates, Inc. specializes in creating architectural and environmental models with Virtual Reality technology. Virtual Reality (VR) is an artificial 3D environment that exists in your computer. Using your PC you can move around in VR and look at the model from any angle. It can be as simple as a few primitive shapes or as complex and detailed as the world around you. Nearly anything that exists in the real world can be modeled and studied using VR.

Construction can be very expensive these days. The need for a creative, thorough design is that much more important. VR modeling proves itself a valuable communication tool for designers and clients. It provides a unique opportunity to quickly review and refine a proposed design idea from any angle, as it would exist in its environment, before a penny is spent on construction or any ground is broken.

Blackwood Associates, Inc. is at the forefront of VR modeling and design. Over the past 15 years we have completed hundreds of models for our clients. VR models can be experienced in several ways; walk-thrus, fly-bys, still images and interactive panoramas. And they can be provided in a wide variety of formats; in large full-colored prints, web-based broadcast, e-mailings, CDs, and DVDs for computer or TV viewing.