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Veterans' Square, Fairmont, West Virginia

James K. Blackwood, AIA, President of Blackwood Associates, Inc. was awarded by the WV American Institute of Architects a "Citation in Recognition for Exceptional Civic Commitment by the Architect" for Veterans' Square in Fairmont, WVStated by Juror Mike O'Brien, a Professor from the Department of Architecture at Virginia Tech, at the recent award ceremony in Charleston, regarding the Veterans' Square in Fairmont, West Virginia:

"A substantial reconstruction of a four story, 65,000 square foot department store that had fallen into disrepair since being abandoned twenty years ago.

The project involved working with three entities, a local city government, a non-profit community service group, and a developer from Charleston, Senator Brooks McCabe, to substantially reconstruct this prominent corner of the downtown district into office space, parking structure and a public plaza.Lobby at Veterans' Square

This project stood out to the jury as a particularly civic-minded act. This is the kind of project an architect probably invests many more hours than are available in a fee. The kind where many hours are spent in meetings, presenting to community groups to build support for the project. Veterans Plaza DetailWhen complete, the result is more than the removal of a derelict property from the city, the result here is the rebirth of a humble piece of this streets history.Veterans' Memorial statue

The jury noted the humble approach to the street fa├žade restorations and congratulates the architect on what seems to be an appropriate level of restraint.

Flags at half staff after Sept. 11, 2001 tragedies in New York and Washington.

Facing the plaza, the architect had a bit more freedom, turning what was a party-wall side into a "front."

New facade and Veterans' Memorial WallThe jury noted this was a heroic effort to preserve this part of the Fairmont's fabric, the plaza is a gift to the city for generations. "I've come to understand that Jim Blackwood of Blackwood Associates had worked on this project for nine years, donating many hours to make sure it happened. The jury deeply appreciated this as a kind of community investment and so recognizes the project with a special citation."

Lobby of Veteran's Square

Jim Blackwood, Kenton Blackwood, and all members of the Blackwood Associates, Inc. staff involved on this community project would like to express their appreciation to the WVAIA and Jurors for this recognition. We encourage all visitors to our beautiful city to visit the Veterans' Square and Plaza in downtown Fairmont.

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Hutchinson House, Fairmont

Blackwood Associates, Inc. was selected by the Fairmont Community Development Partnership to provide architectural services for the historic rehabilitation of the former Hutchinson House residence. The Hutchinson House is located at 701 Benoni Avenue in Fairmont. The rehabilitation efforts consisted of returning the exterior facade back to its original condition and renovating the interior residential space.

The Hutchinson House project, the General Contractors, Home Pride Enterprises and the Owners were awarded the AIA Craftsmanship Honor Award for their efforts on restoring the exterior of the Hutchinson House.

Musselman Middle School

The Musselman Middle School project was honored with a design award for EXCELLENCE IN ARCHITECTURE by the WV Society of Architects.

Musselman Middle School was designed by Blackwood Associates, Inc. to be constructed in phases. The First Phase consisted of 50,000 square feet (including a 9,400 square foot courtyard) and was completed in 1986. The Second Phase of 18,200 square feet was completed in 1989 as part of a $10,960,000.00 Bond Issue.