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We will notify you by email of bidding projects, with helpful information and links. Detailed project descriptions, bidder information and bid results will also be sent via email. While we are proud to make this service available to the construction industry, we do not recommend using our emails as the only basis of information about our projects. Visit this website, which is updated frequently, for the most up-to-date news and notices. Use the form below to contact Blackwood Assocaites, Inc. Once registered, you will receive an email newsletter with the subject heading "Blackwood Associates E-List Announcements". If you don't want to receive email updates, bookmark this page to see the newest email announcements in your browser.

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If you have any questions, contact our office at 304-366-1580 or email us.

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While we make every effort to make sure all our E-List Members receive information on a timely basis, we cannot guarantee our emails will be received by your email server. Instruct your IT manager to authorize as a safe email address. If emails are returned, for whatever reason (such as incorrect email addresses or spam filtering), we will make no further attempt to contact you via email and the email address will be deleted from our list. If your email address changes, it is your responsibility to register the new email with BAI. If you have registered but have not received an email from us, let us know by calling
(304) 366-1580 or email the web designer directly to determine
your registration status. We also strongly recommend you bookmark
and visit our website regularly for current project updates.